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Travel Log:  Entry #  7 

by:  Flat Stanley
The food here is interesting.  There are large "chow halls" that everyone must go to for food.  They are like big cafeterias in tents.  We get normal american food like fried chicken, ham, various vegetables, potatoes and sometimes cake for dessert.  If we can't make it to the chow hall or if it is closed, we can eat a packaged meal.  At home, I like to eat Oscar Meyer Lunchables.  These packaged meals are sort of like that but with a lot more stuff.  Each one has a main course, like Spaghetti, ham, beef stew or lots of other choices.  They also have desserts like candy or cake and a powdered drink pack to mix with water.  The food is packaged in such a way that will make it last a long, long time.  It is hot here so we mostly drink water but we can also get cans of soda.  They are not always cold.  The cans look about the same but the writing on them is different.  They are written in Arabic.  See if you can figure out what is in the cans pictured below.  Sometimes they have special meals.  I was invited to the base's birthday meal last night.  They were served Lobster Tail and T-bone steak.  It was delicious.  We also get "Care Packages" from folks back in the states.  You can see me in all my glory in a big box of candy...many thanks to whoever sent it!
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