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Travel Log:  Entry #  10 

by:  Flat Stanley
My time here is coming to an end.  The plane to take me home will be here tomorrow.  The troops have been really nice and are deeply grateful for all the support from home.  Just yesterday, we received hundreds of cards and letters from school children...and they even sent some Girl Scout Cookies.  There are too many schools to mention but the cards and letters have been put up on walls all around the base for people to read and enjoy.  Many thanks to all!
When we flew on the combat mission, we were carrying with us an American flag.  The flag came with us for the same reason that the rescue workers draped the big flag near the World Trade Center--as a symbol that we are a strong, united nation, dedicated to freedom and justice for all.  The airmen that I flew with gave me that flag to help me remember what we stand for and the sacrifices that our troops are making to keep our way of life safe.
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