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Flat Ujang Between Twin Sister and Brother



We are taking picture with our headmaster and English teacher




X? s? 100 ngày I’m Dicke Pungkas I have one brother his name is Deckie Wekhas we are twin brother.

We were born on December 23rdX? s? 100 ngày 1989 now we are 16 years old.

My mother and my father works in the same office.

X? s? 100 ngày We are happy to be twin brothers. We always go together school by motorcycle. Now we are the student of  SMUN 23 at the second year. But we are not in the same class. Dicke is the student of social class 1 and me Deckie is the student of social 3. There are many advantages to be twin brother. We have the same hobby such as drawing. Listening to music, playing keyboard, physically we look the same some of my teacher and also my friend are difficult to differentiate us between another twin sister. We are very difficult to differentiate.





Amazing! We think it’s a right word to describe how we feel to be a twin! Being a twin sister is so much fun! We can be a friend each other and also share every time. So, we think being a twin is a very important person in the whole world. We can’t deny that we need each other very much!

X? s? 100 ngày When we were little young girl, our parents always bought same clothes for us! Of course same colors and models. But sometimes we got a different color. Lili is identic with blue color and Fifi is identic with pink or purple. Everyday, our neighbor always came to our house because at the time we were very so fat and cute and also because our parents was very busy with their job. Our father is a businessman and my mother is a lecture. We had a baby sister her name is Mbak Par! But we called her Empang. She’s very nice friend for us. Sometimes, we slept at night with her in her room.

Actually, we were not allowed to buy little snack with our parents. But we were unhappy about that and didn’t tell to our parents. And you know what?

X? s? 100 ngày Empang helped us!

We are so confused, why are people so difficult to differentiate us. Cause we feel so different? Sometimes we feel mad but it’s ok! No problem!

Now, we are 17 years old, our face and taste are different. It makes everybody easier to differentiate us. Now we are in third year. We are in the same level social class, but different class.

So many positive things being a twins. Every night we usually learn together or just share each other. We always have friends! It is so great. So … Be a twins is really really AMAZING! We love it…




X? s? 100 ngày My name is Reni Martadiani. I’m the second child from three sister. My father’s name is Kalih R. he works at private office, and my mother’s name is Tati AB. She is a housewife.

My sister’s name is Rurry F; she is a student of ARS University. And the unique in our family I have twin sister. My twin sister is Rena M but the strange thing is me and my twin sister never same in anything case, we are different. When we were little child we wore the same clothes but our characteristic very different. When we were still little child, we always quarrel, but not longer and then we are fine again. From kindergarten until senior high school we study at the same school but different class and program.

X? s? 100 ngày My major is social, but my twin sister major is science. Although we are different major, but we always give support about school problem. I have a funny story. I don’t know from junior high school until senior high school us at that time study at the same school. I was in junior high school, all the teacher often confused to call us. I was in I F, and my sister in I E, and one of our teacher entered to the class, we are ordered to move my teacher said “why are you in I E, not in I F go quickly or move or I will be reported to ‘BK’” teacher.

We are twin's sister, sometimes my friends and my teachers are always confused to call our name and it all happen until now. Being twin sister, sometimes, make us happy and sad. When we are happy we always share about anything and when we are sad such as one of us go to somewhere, we always feel something lost and so lonely.