HI, every body. We are from SMAN 5 Bandung. Our group has three members. Stefanus, Dea and Mutia.

X? s? 100 ngàyOne day, The winner was taken by Dea and Mutia   to visit the statue of Indonesian Soldier.

 The statue symbolizes of the Indonesian Soldiers. How brave they are in striving for the Indonesian Independence.

This statue is located in Viaduck street, Bandung. It is not far from our school.

The next visit is... To the Tiger statue, 'Siliwangi'. It is a symbol of Bandung.

X? s? 100 ngày Siliwangi is  used as emblem of 's Football Team, PERSIB, Police and many others.

X? s? 100 ngày The statue is located behind  Bandung Electronical Centre on Wastukencana street.

X? s? 100 ngàyThe winner says that Siliwangi Tiger is a brave, strong tiger with roaring position and one of his paws is raised


The third visit is Dago street. It is beside flyover  'Pasupati'.

The boy on the left side is Stefanus and two girls on the righ side are Dea and Mutia.

 The winner smiled when he looked at the text written on the wall. It was written, “.bdg -  Bandung Emerging Creative City”.

 The winner was inpatient to take picture in front of the wall. We think he said, “Hey, look at me! It is Bandung, a creative city!”

X? s? 100 ngàyWhat is there behind the wall? Let's see below!

X? s? 100 ngàyOh wow...what it is?  Behind  the wall, there is a statue of a man that punch his arm to the earth.

 The man with a white jacket looks strong.  It was made by the ITB’s students.

X? s? 100 ngày “He.....he, yes I think they want to show everybody  the  creativities of Bandung people.


Still at Dago street, the winner found an  interesting place. It is a statue of the pipe man.

X? s? 100 ngày This statue built up to remember the PDAM workers, (Fresh Water Company), which have  worked hard to facilitate and supply 

hygiene water to whole people in Bandung.. Stefanus and Dea accompanied 'The Winner'

X? s? 100 ngàyThe winner said that it is a shiny statue.

X? s? 100 ngàyWe got tired because we took these pictures after school so the next picture would be taken on the next day..

On the next day, It is rather cloudy. The winner went out with Stefanus only.

X? s? 100 ngàyThe winner found a huge hand statue with a girl on it. The statue is located on Setraduta, near Sarijadi street.

 Stefanus tells the winner that the statue was made by Gede Nu Arte, one of  famous Indonesian sculptors'.

X? s? 100 ngày The statue tells us about the legend  of 'Ande-Ande Lumut', when the Giant  caught the girl and put her in his hand..

OK, everybody it is our story with "the Winner' when we visit some statues in Bandung, our lovely city.


Composed by :

Steffanus, Dea and Mutia from XII B-V09, SMASN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.